The Cages Club Teams Phoenix



 $175-$200 a month.

Field rentals, insurance, coaching fees.

Uniforms are separate.  Approximate cost of uniforms will be $175.00.

No, they are separate.  League fees and tournaments are not marked up by the club.

We strive to work with experienced youth coaches.

We make it a point NOT to have parents manage the team, however we do allow parents to be assistant coaches.  This concept leaves the final decision making to a non-parent.  In exceptional cases where the parent is an experienced youth coach, we may make an exception.

We normally don’t need to travel out of state to play, but we can schedule out of state games if it is everyone’s wish.

We’ll play at the level that allows the team to be competitive.

We bat rosters every game.  Everyone plays the same amount.  If we make a championship game, we may play the best nine, but get everyone in the game at one point.

Yes, we score all games on GameChanger and make statistics available to the parents.

We’ll likely practice once a week on a field and once week at The Cages Facility.  We will schedule the same days/times for practices.

If we are a tournament only team, we’ll strive to play every other weekend.  It is possible that we may play league games as well meaning we may play a game during the week or on the weekend when we don’t have a tournament.

Players should have their own equipment including bat, helmet and glove.  The team may offer additional team clothing or hats to parents who wish to purchase separately.

The Cages PHX team will be a competitive team.  This means that a player should have a few years of playing experience.  We do not take beginners.  We’ll try to steer them toward Little League or Cal Ripken.