The Cages Club Teams Phoenix


About Us

Organization Overview

The Cages PHX is headquartered at our 13,000 sq. ft. North Phoenix facility and serves as the primary training facility for all our teams. The organization is led by Mike Flynn who has been coaching youth baseball in Phoenix for over 20 years and has taught thousands of kids.  We play either/or a combination of league games and tournaments. Teams will compete at the level they are suited for with the opportunity to move up in classification.  Practices will consist of  indoor instruction for pitching, catching and hitting with field practices dedicated to fielding and situational learning.


Competitive Philosophy

The Cages PHX organization believes that to develop young baseball players, playing games is not the most important component.  We believe games are a way to measure how well we practice. Practice is where they get better….games are measuring sticks,so we strive to conduct our practice time for maximum repetition on the fundamentals and extensive game situation education.  Then we let them play!  We bat rosters (capped at 12) and make sure everyone plays.
As for coaching, we think that to fully develop players, they should be exposed to different styles of coaching, not the same thing year after year.  Our children don’t have the same teacher in school each year, and that is by design.  By exposing players to different coaches, they get a much broader perspective.  We like to place our coaches by age division, and have the players move up and while the coaches stay.